Innocent, Young White English Girl Killed by Immigration and Multiculturalism


This sweet, innocent, young White English girl was stabbed by a black immigrant as she made her way home on the bus.

The girl, identified as Christina Edkins, aged just 16, was a much loved pupil, daughter and friend to many. Her goal was to become a nurse.


Due to Birmingham’s schools now being overwhelmingly immigrant based – and thus inferior, backwards and hostile – Christina’s parents sent to her to a better one around 10 miles away in the hope that it would give her a far better start in life.

It was whilst Christina was travelling home from school that the murder took place. She was just a lovely, polite girl sitting quietly, minding her own business. Yet, the black immigrant thought her deserving of a brutal death.

We at English Attitude suspect that the black immigrant – like many, many immigrants, and indeed many, many Muslims – holds aggressively anti-White views. This phenomenon – made acceptable by the far-Left – also includes jealously towards Whites, and an urge to sexually abuse/hurt/subvert attractive White females. And all this despite the fact that we are the most tolerant nation on the planet…..

The incident happened in the immigrant majority city of Birmingham.

The black immigrant walked up to her, then stabbed her in the chest so viciously that it tore her internal organs.

Christina’s mother and father are absolutely distraught. Her family and friends are in complete shock that anyone could do this to their precious, gentle girl.

The destructive ideologies of mass immigration and multiculturalism are not worth the life of this promising English sister, or any of the other countless White English lives they have already taken thus far.


Horrifically, this is the future we are giving our children if we allow England to become an immigrant majority nation — which it is indeed set to be within the next few decades if immigration and multiculturalism are not totally halted.


6 thoughts on “Innocent, Young White English Girl Killed by Immigration and Multiculturalism

    • Hi, Healing Wanderer.

      I’ve just read your lovely post, and I agree that the destructive ideology of Globalisation is the source of all this. This ideology – the dream of the ultra-Liberal elite – has broken our nations almost beyond repair, and literally shattered our peoples.

      In regards to your solution (treating immigrants better, and their children as our own), I commend your gentle approach, but its really gone much, much too far now. We face the very real horror of savage, violent unrest within the next decade or two. By then, of course, the immigrant population will far bigger….

      With this in mind, I personally would suggest deportations as soon as possible, as bad as it may sound. It is now the only option remaining, unfortunately. Also, we’d advocate a very strong affirmation of our English/British identity along with an end to foreign aid (11 billion) and, naturally, an end to immigration. British/English people would come first – at all times.

      We believe drastic measures such as these are the only way to avert the horrific future we, and our children, face.

      Thank you.

  1. Thank you for your reply and for reading my post addressing this issue.

    I absolutely agree – none of the innocent should be made responsible for those who caused this world-wide social-economical crisis. The super-rich mega-greedy classes and their supporters in the political arena should be made accountable for the many millions of deaths they have caused on any side of the conflict.

    As much as I am mourning this sweet little girl, I am mourning her murderer, and I am mourning the world, while I wish the enlightened citizens of Britain would start a country-wide action to display their disagreement to their leaders’ colonising ambitions.

    The immigrants ending up in Great Britain – or in any host country- either from the third world of Africa or of any other part of the colonised world, don’t end up there because they want to. They are NOT the colonisers – we are. You too. And we are also the colonised, as it is merely a matter of time that our children would end up in a hidden corner of Romania, working for a salary of a slave, to sustain the European balance of economy. The colonising countries of the Western world – including your and my countries – are building a new united empire in Europe under a disguised international treaty (Lisbon Treaty) which – when it was openly put up for a referendum – was voted down by all EU countries.

    The major EU states with imperial ambitions, like Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, through the unelected EU Commission, mercilessly push this illegitimate globalising process, which takes its toll in the form of deaths like the one of this innocent girl. Therefore the only effective step towards preventing deaths like this and towards restoring Europe’s truly democratic conditions would be to get rid of the illegitimate federal bodies of EU, to reclaim the independence and self-governance of all globalised countries, and to reclaim the independence for all of the EU member states, including the colonising ones like Great Britain. And most of all, to get rid of the global unregulated capitalist system that pushes this lethal process. (On my blog I posted several articles on this topic.)

    Again, thank you so much for your response and for your attention.

  2. Hello again –

    In addition to these disturbing issues, my major concern is that by now almost the whole planet is privatised by a few. While they are letting millions die, they keep financing $ billions worth of projects forever chasing the “ultimate” subatomic particles and invest our money into building their privately owned governments.

    What we are looking at is a new feudalism ruled by pathological narcissists, who don’t even realise that what they are doing is immoral – they don’t have the neurological capacity to understand and feel love, compassion, empathy as we do. They themselves are robot-like beings – hence their obsession of cloning themselves into robots – therefore they will not stop this trend until we actually do something against it. I am really concerned that soon we will be turned into slaves, will be chased out of their privately owned cities into the wilderness, to starve to death without any means to survive.

    This isn’t fear-mongering – this is a real concern. I have recently started a blog tackling this issue, and would be very thankful if you, and all politically aware, would visit my blog and let me know what you think. I would appreciate everyone’s support.
    My goal is to increase awareness of those of us who still own some economical power to mobilise towards reversing this process (whereas charity, alms and the like only reinforce the current system).

    Thank you.
    Healing Wanderer at

    • Hello again, Healing Wanderer.

      Yes. I know exactly what you’re saying, and I agree.

      As I see it, our governments and corporations et al have become Capitalist Extremists. And, alongside it – and possibly the most damaging – is an immensely undemocratic, nation-destroying culture of ultra-Liberalism. This ultra-Liberal elite are, of course, the ones who prolonged mass immigration in order to secure cheap labour etc. And, its now painfully clear that mass immigration has had an breathtakingly horrific effect on every British man, woman and child; financially, mentally, culturally – everything.

      Due to this, Western society is now literally collapsing in front of us. Our twisted, sick ‘leaders’ give £11 billion a year to Africa and the Middle East, and continue to let countless, benefit-claiming immigrants into our ruined island. These immigrants – and the ones who are already here – cost us 100’s of billions of £’s. Our ‘leaders’ do this, yet at the same time they savage native Brits with spending cuts; plunging millions into poverty and accute misery.

      We are now supposed to accept a life of hard, long work for pitiful wages; and we are supposed to accept cultural/racal decimation. And, approaching inexorably all the while: the unavoidable, violent, terrifyingly dark future ahead – particularly for our children.

      We need – so, so badly – Secular Nationalism. And the entire, evil, ultra-Liberal elite must be relieved of their positions.

      We fully support your work, my friend. I’ll have another look through your blog.

      Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for your support.

    I very much agree – the ultimate danger is the ultra-Liberal elite. What makes finding a solution extremely challenging is the fact that the very same ultra-Liberal elite is behind ALL party politics, from the ultra-conservative to the extreme left – you name it. There is no clean politics anywhere, exactly because all parties are owned by the global capitalist forces. These twisted individuals behind the globalisation process only masquerade as those who help the other continents – that is part of their disguise and divide et impera stategy. They do this to distract and to rule the divided multi-cultural crowds. The bottom line is: they NEVER help or give away anything – they buy those continents for themselves, they transfer billions into their own pockets, while they impoverish the purchased colonies, and those coming from there become pilgrims because they are forced to. Indeed the rulers reap the effects of these many-sided colonisation by keeping the wages low. But the very fact is this: even without mixing us with the immigrants they will keep the wages low and the prices high – they can do so because we don’t have any free market anywhere any more. Cartels are effective monopolies, which means they keep the prices and wages anywhere they want to. In addition, in the Euro-zone they centrally pull the strings on the economy through the monetary tricks they can apply on the common currency.

    One thing is for sure – every time when a host country rebels against their immigrants, our leaders who caused the conflict are the winners again, and the scapegoats are punished again for the leaders’ crimes.

    In addition they use the tension they have created between the host country and immigrants to reinforce their dictatorial means to rule us. This is why I think the entire system needs to be changed. Removing the immigrants is just a symptom treatment and at this point may not even be plausible without a civil war. In any case the next chapter might be the scenario that I described in my former comment – that is, we will be the next immigrants, impoverished and forced to live elsewhere. Thus to me it makes much more sense to step ahead of them and seek unity with all of those who are and will be affected. Educating one another and locate our common enemy would be what I would suggest in the first place.

    Thank you so much for your attention and support. I am very thankful for this conversation. It is a relief and a reason for hope when I encounter enlightened and determined individuals like you are.

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