GRAPHIC: Uncensored Aftermath of (Islamist?) Boston Bombing


Yes, we know: it hasn’t been confirmed to be an Islamic terrorist attack, yet. But its hardly likely to be anything else, is it.

And as for the graphic content: we believe people should always be shown reality. F*ck Political Correctness.

The image shows the devastation on the American streets a few minutes after the explosion. At top left, an American man lays in shock. The blast ripped his leg off. His shin bone can be clearly seen protruding from the stump.

9 thoughts on “GRAPHIC: Uncensored Aftermath of (Islamist?) Boston Bombing

  1. Well, that’s truly awful to view. Allow me to inform you a bit about acts of terror in the USA. This is far closer to what happened in 1995 at the Summer Olympics. A single, domestic extremist dropped small, portable explosive devices filled with nails and metal shards. The explosions killed 3 and wounded 150. After the Olympics, he bombed a women’s clinic, and a lesbian bar, killing others. It took a year to identify Eric Rudolph, and five years to apprehend him. He viewed himself as a holy warrior against what he saw as the “holocaust of abortion” and “the homosexual agenda”. He bombed the Olympics because he thought it represented Socialist principles.

    Boston is the home of the original pre-Revolutionary War tax protest, aka the Tea Party. The bombing was on Tax Day. In Massachusetts, that Monday is also a state holiday known as Patriot’s Day, in honor of the battles of Lexington and Concord. It is an important day on the calendars of those who belong to the militia movement, anti-government militants who believe their right to unlimited gun ownership is being threatened. There’s an important bill concerning gun control being debated in the US Senate right now.

    Still think it could only be Islamic jihadists?

    • Hi, Mikey.

      Yes, mate. We really think the Boston attack is the work of Islamists. I mean, its like the intelligence services admitted recently: “Jihadist terrorist plots are constantly being thwarted”. It was only a matter of time. The other main possibilty is a Black Power-type attack.

      A Right-wing extremist most likely would have targeted Muslims or blacks, to be honest.

    • Hi, Ahmed.

      Racist? Firsty, nobody cares when a Muslim calls them racist. It means NOTHING from you lot, mate. It just makes people dislike Islam even more than they already do.

      Secondly, Islam isn’t a race.

      Thirdly, its ALWAYS Muslims who commit the vast amount of anti-West terrorist attacks.

      Fourthly, racism is when you hate a person specifically, and merely, literally for the colour of their skin. Thats not us.


  2. Looks like it was a couple of white guys… not having any evidence one way or another at the moment, what say you?

    • Hi, Guthrie.

      Well, if it was carried out by White-Western people, it’d be going very, very much against the norm.

      And if it was, its still disgusting, of course, but it would prove to be an inexplicable target for Right-wing militants.

      • Well, turns out your instinct (and that of many others) is correct. The perps appear to be brothers from Chechnya. Possible precursor for Sochi?

  3. BTW, the young man in the center of the posted pic is Jeff Bauman Jr., who is also the man in the wheelchair receiving care from Carlos Luis Arredondo, among others. He is apparently, thank God, still alive.

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