Feminism? No thanks!


Wow. Where to start on this seemingly unstoppable feministic tsunami sweeping through society and social media?

Quick description of myself: I’m a young, normal, modern English lad. I have no real problem with homosexuality, and I’m a Free Speech Extremist (I might have coined that one myself). So, that’s the stance I’m writing from on this explosive topic. Yes, I reject political correctness et al, but that’s exactly what’s needed right now, innit? Right, let’s do this shizzle:


I’m going to hit you with my base-view: I love women. Women are beautiful, soft, nurturing, sweet and snuggly. They are the soft gel that binds the home, family and indeed society at large. And, yes: women are equal to men. Of course. But (here’s the deliciously controversial bit), there’s a natural order to the male/female dynamic that’s been in place for, like, thousands, if not millions of years, or summat.


What on earth is this sexist, misogynistic man-thing babbling on about? I hear you cry. Well, the natural order I speak of is thus: men are, by natures will, the dominant species, whilst women are the gently submissive homemakers et al. We all know it deep down: women are the meal makers, the cleaners and the washer-uppers (oh God, I can almost taste your wrath right now). But, listen, more importantly: these things are actually part of the natural female instinct. Women (well, most women) intrinsically feel the need to care for their man. This is the nurturing instinct, and its gorgeously natural. And, it absolutely does not equate to women being of less worth or value – quite the opposite, in fact.


Now, before you Femi-Fascists spit your tea or coffee all over the screen in exasperation, consider: this dynamic plays through all across the animal kingdom. In the animal world, the males place is strongly, clearly defined. His place is to protect his female, his family and his territory, whilst the female instinctively accepts a ‘submissive’ – but far from less important – role. This is the bedrock of their survival and wellbeing. Its something that will never change. But, back in the human world, it has changed very, very significantly, and increasingly so as I speak.


We men now find ourselves having our very existence aggressively threatened. The natural order is being reversed – and not for the better. The male/female dynamic that was the foundation from which we (the West) became the greatest civilisation in the history of mankind, is being smashed to androgynous-shaped smithereens.

Now, I’ve taken notice of the Militant Feminist movement as its exponentially grown on social media, recently, and I’m not gonna lie: it is not bloody pretty. At all. Its very ugly. These women actually despise men. They are, to all intents and purposes, Femi-Fascists, or ‘Femi-Nazis’, as many commonly refer to them.


Now, this has caused a backlash from men who potently feel this vicious, powerful assault on their fundamental identity. I understand their rage. Naturally, I fully condemn death threats and the like, let me be unequivocally clear on that. But I do understand the rage that’s compelling them to lash out. I mean, we men – especially us White working class men – have already been severely marginalised by a wide range of political/social/economical factors, so this new, vengeful wave of aggressive Feminism is the straw that’s breaking the camels back.


I myself dipped my toe into the oestrogen-saturated waters, recently. I Tweeted a remark to writer, journalist and far-Left Feminist activist, @PennyRed. I Tweeted simply thus: ‘Go make my dinner’. She replied with a charming: ‘No, go fuck yourself’. I was then showered with a deluge of hateful, fanatical comments from genocidal women and ultra-Feminised males (these are particularly deranged additions to the whole situation). It was as though I’d literally murdered someone, or something! I was told I was ‘scum’, ‘filth’, ‘mentally ill’, ‘backwards’, ‘a vicious bully’ (ahem!), ‘a cunt’ (always a favourite), ‘a sick bigot’ and so on and so forth. They even began to report me to Twitter for ‘Hate Speech’. I ignored most of them, and replied to Ms Red: ‘Do you know how much damage you’re doing by destroying the natural male/female dynamic? ‘. She replied: ‘Yes, its fun’. Another rather more demented Militant Feminist replied with: ‘Yes, we know we’re destroying men. That’s what what we fucking want to do!’.


Yes, I suppose I was intentionally Trolling them a tad, but the reaction reveals the essence of the movement; that being: an extremely virulent hatred of men.

Also to my dismay, the movement is almost entirely a Leftist one. Insidious elements, such as Black Power-types and Islamists, have latched on to it as a vehicle from which to smash at their main source of contempt: the White male, the West – indeed: White identity itself. Its this factor that’s led to actually extremely conservative Islamists like Mo Ansar et al cheerleading for the Militant Feminist movement. When such as Ansar is involved in this kind of cause, rest assured that his primary aim is not to further the ’empowerment of women’, but to further smash away at the foundations of Western/British civilisation and culture in order to lubricate the way for an Islamic system to be implemented; one that will bear zero shit from acutely-sexualised, sweary, anarchistic, liberated White women, I might well add…


In finishing, let me say this: as a (in my view quite a metrosexual man), I know what women want. Women want to be loved. They want to be snuggled up and protected. Women want to be made to feel like the beautiful princesses they are. They want to lay on their mans chest as he rubs her hair and tickles her petite, feminine back and shoulders. They want to be cuddled and reassured. This is so natural and beautiful. These are the things that makes a man feel like a man, God dammit! (Sorry). We want women to be like this. We want women to be attractive, glossy, petite and sexy. We see women as, without being condescending, vulnerable, fragile and precious. Of course, we men do love to be mothered, very much so – but that’s another debate. Anyway, here’s the important bit: as men, we’re largely the opposite to women. We’re physically stronger, physically more muscular and usually not submissive in character. That’s not at all to say these traits can’t be interchangeable between the sexes, don’t get me wrong. Men should also be able to cry, display emotion and be secure with their feminine side et al. Absolutely. But, in general, all these traits I’ve outlined are intrinsically vital differences. They WORK. From the physical-side: men are perfectly formed to cocoon a woman’s little frame in a warm, firm, encompassing, protective embrace; and on the personality side: mans more gruff, rough, gently domineering nature gorgeously compliments the soft, sweet, knowingly submissive one of woman. What could be more tender than a muscular man cupping the small face of a beautiful women as she looks up with bright blue eyes, her long hair draping downwards over his hands, before he kisses her softly? Its just one example, but it kinda encapsulates the gist of what I’m saying.


The Militant Feminists, or Femi-Nazis (its an appropriate label) seek to utterly destroy this. They are absolutely determined to permanently destroy all trace of it.

And that, my friends, is a disaster in ways you might not yet be able to imagine.

Its for all these reasons I am happy to say: I oppose Feminism.

Thank you. If you don’t hear from me ever again, it’ll be because I’ve been hunted by thousands of torch-wielding Feminists with pitch forks, dismembered, and my body parts sent to separate corners of England in velvet-pink boxes.



3 thoughts on “Feminism? No thanks!

  1. “If you don’t hear from me ever again, it’ll be because I’ve been hunted by thousands of torch-wielding Feminists with pitch forks, dismembered, and my body parts sent to separate corners of England in velvet-pink boxes.”

    Or because you’ve been driven even more insane than you evidently are by all the people, men and women alike, laughing at this “article”.

  2. Feminazis are deluded harpies who do not represent all women, they represent a fraction of society which is so insignificant it is laughable. Every woman I know wants to distance themselves from the screaming, frothing, raging misandrist harridans who believe they are doing women kind a service. You aren’t, your activities are counter productive. cease and desist your pathetic whining misandry.

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