Richard Dawkins Increasingly Embracing Sexy Anti-Islamism


Richard Dawkins, the definitive English Atheist, has been increasingly vocal about Islam, lately, earning himself ever-more goodwill, respect and popularity from the entire political spectrum –  young and old, male and female, Left, Centre and Right.

Except, though, of course, from the consistently frothy, creaky far-Left and Muslim populace, who instantly proceeded to become all ranty and threatening regarding that horrible, nasty free speech thing they so very desperately wish to crush with Hitleresque fervour.

Richard, ever the Classic Liberal, has also always been very critical of Christianity, of course, which we personally – despite not being at all religious ourselves – never understood. I mean, Christianity is not only outrageously peaceful and passive, but also native to the Western world, as opposed to the outrageously foreign and actively aggressive Islam.

Nevertheless, everything he says is entirely valid. But it was always a matter of time before he could no longer ignore the vastly worse of the two: Islam.

Indeed, its now extremely well known that a Clash of Civilisations is taking place in the world; not least in our own nations. The clash, of course, is Islam versus the West; and, unsurprisingly, its the Muslims who are the eternal aggressors.

In recent months, the Muslims have become increasingly threatening and violent towards any and all critique of Islam. And we’re not just talking about the ‘extremists’, here, we’re talking about the general mindset of the Muslim community. The intimidation and threat to human life/welfare merely for one voicing widely-held views is very, very real, and its getting stronger. This naturally scares many into keeping silent, so its always very excellent when such an high-profile, immensely influential figure as Mr Dawkins speaks out.

We say: Well done, sir. We’re pretty sure you’d view us as racist, xenophobic rascals et al, but we salute you and support you nonetheless 🙂