Islamic Extremist Boston Bomber Placing Bomb Near Martin Richards


The image, taken from Jihad Watch, shows one of the Muslim Boston bombers just seconds before he chose the place to lay his bomb.

In the foreground stands 8 year old Martin Richards, innocently watching the marathon, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

All the people you can see in the image were slaughtered by the blast.

GRAPHIC: Uncensored Aftermath of (Islamist?) Boston Bombing


Yes, we know: it hasn’t been confirmed to be an Islamic terrorist attack, yet. But its hardly likely to be anything else, is it.

And as for the graphic content: we believe people should always be shown reality. F*ck Political Correctness.

The image shows the devastation on the American streets a few minutes after the explosion. At top left, an American man lays in shock. The blast ripped his leg off. His shin bone can be clearly seen protruding from the stump.