Paul Weston States The Stark Reality (Video)

Paul Weston, leader of LibertyGB, the Liberal Nationalist/patriot party, ferociously, quietly and articulately outlines the absolutely astonishing present political situation in England/Britain.

He starkly points out the colossal financial, cultural and racial destruction multiculturalism and immigration has wrought upon us, and hammers home the fact that, as it stands, we White-English will be a servile minority in our own nation by 2050-60, and increasingly thereafter.

As Paul says: in 2050-60 (and increasingly onwards), we will literally be faced with a young, violent, angry, foreign, immigrant majority.

And, his words confirm what I myself point out often: that the immense financial drain of multiculturalism, mass immigration et al have directly brought austerity upon the native people. Which essentially means we’re paying for our own horrific decimation and future, physical submission to Muslims, blacks and other non-natives.

Paul also touches on the truly sinister Leftist forces that inexplicably continue to aggressively enforce our ongoing destruction.

Not least, Paul reiterates the blatant Islamic/multicultural savagery of the Woolwich attack, and the exponentially growing, all-pervasive, mortal/existential threat that Islam itself is to us and all free nations.