George Orwell Knew The Score


And indeed we have, as a nation – and civilisation – drifted far from the truths of current matters due to the odd, oppressive ideology of Political Correctness, and the ever-present culture of intimidation/threats from the Muslim community as an whole towards the host nation.

Due to the far-Left claiming the Centre of politics as their own, they have given permission to immigrants, Muslims and the far-Left themselves to despise anybody who speaks against their shitty, anti-White, anti-England views. And, as is standard for the Leftist freaks and the Islamists: the hatred is of a literally murderous nature.

BUT, as we are seeing at this moment: things are changing. The Left are becoming hopelessly irrelevant and outmoded. The far-Left are increasingly looking embarrassingly out of date, mentally unstable, weird and rather creepy.

In short, the people are rising šŸ˜‰