Foreign Islamist Mehdi Hasan: “British Public Should Be IGNORED Regarding Immigration”



Yesterday, the foreign extremist and political editor of the Huffington Post, Mehdi Hasan, Tweeted a link to his latest article from the Leftist, anti-White online newspaper.

He entitled the article: ‘We Should Not Listen to the Public on Matters of Immigration’.

He then goes on to write – in his usual, ignorant, hate-filled style – that the British public’s anger about mass immigration should be totally ignored. Basically, he’s saying that all Brits who want an halt to immigration (the majority view) should be denied democracy. So, here we have a foreign, anti-England, anti-White extremist yet AGAIN doing his very best to completely disempower and marginalize 10’s of millions of ordinary native Brits.

Mehdi also constantly uses his media influence to pressure and harrass MP’s and the like on Twitter; usually employing his trademark smashmouth style with a sprinking of accusations of ‘racist’ et al.

What he doesn’t mention – or rather refuses to accept – is that the vast majority of British citizens currently oppose ALL immigration. And, the vast majority want BRITISH people to be put first. People also want an immediate end to foreign aid (£11 billion a year sent to Africa and Islamic nations), but you can be certain that Mehdi would be doing everything possible to block such a move.

Of course, Hasan doesn’t give a shit what the British people want. His loyalty is with Islam, and his own race. His desire is unlimited immigration and unlimited multiculturalism. His main goal is literally for England to become an overwhelmingly non-White, immigrant majority. Preferably an Islamic state.

That this foreign Islamist has been given such an influencial platform to spread his hatred to the masses is indicative of how bad things are.

Read his disgusting HufPo article, here

UKIP Place Second In Eastleigh By-Election


Right-of-centre party, UKIP, have placed second in the – apparently very important – Eastleigh by-election. See here for the Daily Mail story.

The result is yet another indication that nationalism is on the rise in England. Though one would struggle to call UKIP a real nationalistic party in the actual sense of the word, it still is by far the best choice betweem them, the Left wing Liberal Democrats, the Leftist Labour and the Liberal Conservative party. We say ‘Liberal Conservative party’ because the only issue they ARE conservative on is the matter of public service cuts — which we at English Attitude are completely opposed to.

The winners, the anti-England Liberal Democrats, are jubilant after an otherwise crap year in which the public have very much rejected their weak, anti-England idelogy.

In any case, with UKIP’s good showing in mind, it seems the English people are slowly – VERY slowly – but surely, reconnecting with the political process.