Uneducated Far-Left/Muslim Trolls on Twitter


Any of you who have debated politics online will know that things can get very hostile, very quickly, when dealing with certain types of people. The hostilty and hatred, of course, always comes from either Muslims, Leftists or back people (but mostly Muslims).

You may have noticed that, if you display even a morsel of patriotism or anti-Islam/anti-multiculturalism sentiment, these fucking freaks will instantly lash out at you with desperate, sweaty, vicious venom. These feral, illiterate clowns will call you racist, Neo-Nazi, far-Right, fascist and all the usual boring bollocks.

Here’s partly why they do it: They do it because, to their minds, we have absolutely ZERO right to have a Nationalistic stance. In fact, in most cases they believe we, as a civilisation and nation, quite literally DESERVE cultural/racial destruction.


In their uneducated minds, because we were a little bit colonial in the past, we should sit down and allow other races and cultures to decimate us – or else.

Going back to the online debating: note how they fundamentally frame their discussion on the extremely passive-aggressive basis that we are a neutral people, with absolutely no identity or culture to be loyal to in the first place.

When they write their uneducated comments, they will type the words ‘English’ and ‘White’ et al as “English”, and “White” – framed in quotation marks. The scums do this because they do not see said identities as legitimate entities. They actually often see these identities as violent stances. The truth is, as English/British people, we have a culture and heritage that is long, rich, strong, influential, White and very defined. 12,000 years of native, ethnically-British history, in fact.


You see, their utter contempt for us, and their aggressive, foreign desire to negate/undermine our history and identity, leads them to deny our very existence. And I’m really not just talking about a minority of Muslims, Leftists and black supremacists, here. These views are held by the VAST majority of them.


Unfortunately, its these types of scum who now dominate our capital city and most other main cities. Thus, they also dominate our political, racial, cultural narrative and future – and will increasingly do so as their population inexorably rises.


The legendary Enoch Powell predicted this would happen. He knew the immigrants would savagely unite against the native people when large enough in number and influence.


The only real response to the entire situation is dramatic, aggressive Revolution.

Who Are The REAL Extremists?


Tonight, we ask: who are the REAL extremists?

And when you contemplate this matter logically, the answer comes.

The extremists are not those whom now find themselves quite literally fighting for the survival of their nations, their race, their culture and their childrens futures. No, the extremists, my friends, are the ones who allowed this situation to happen.

These extremists, for whatever reason, took it upon themselves to go against the wishes of an entire nation and initiate the ideology of mass immigration – and consequently, multiculturalism. These two foreign initiatives went on to destroy England in every conceivable way: financially, culturally and racially.

And now, here we stand:

* Our capital city literally a non-English majority.

*Our economy devastated by the oppressively immense drain of ethnic minorities.

*Our nation not as one, but as seperate blocs.

*A traitorous, ultra-Liberal government in power (which exists only due to immigrants’ terminal undermining of our democracy).

*A future in which our children will be at the mercy of a foreign majority in their own country, thus inevitably placing them in a position of terrible, savage danger and depraved underprivilege.

That’s not just simply the work of extremists, its the work of monsters. And to call those fighting against it, ‘extremists’, is an absurdity so ludicrous it would be hilarious were its consequences not so hellish and devastating.

The Guardian: Hopelessly Compromised Far-Left Entity


Ah, yes. The Guardian. The far-Left newspaper of choice for elderly Marxists and so on and so forth šŸ˜‰

Anyway, here’s an interesting little observation that speaks volumes about the reliability of this hopelessly compromised (politics wise, that is – though we agree with their stance on spending cuts) entity. May we direct your attention to the two links below.

The first leads to all the Guardian’s articles regarding the ‘far-Right’ (if you’re White, and you once looked at an English flag with a morsel of pride, you’re probably far-Right in these dinosaurs’ eyes. Hey, we jest! But its not too far from the mark. Literally). And, the second link leads to all the Guardian’s articles regarding the far-Left:



Quelle surprise!

Far-Left ‘Hope Not Hate’ Humiliated By The British Public

Far-Left anti-British extremists, ‘Hope Not Hate’, being owned by local British people.

Now, we at English Attitude do not condone violence or thuggish behaviour, and we are not affiliated to ANY party or organisation, but Nick Lowles, the man in the video, is responsible for destroying the lives of countless English patriots, freedom-loving citizens and ordinary working class people alike. Nick spends every day fighting for more mass immigration and more Islamism as well as doing his best to criminalize all traces of patriotism. When he finds people expressing themselves, he and his org plaster their photographs/details on their Facebook wall — and bearing mind that their entire fan base is basically made up of foreign extremists and far-Left fascists, the victim invariably finds himself/herself subject to death threats, violence and stalking. These are tactics widely used by the fascist far-Left, and the emotional damage done to their victims is absolutely horrific….

In short: Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism will attack you if dare to oppose the ongoing destruction of British culture and identity. They are anti-democracy – proven not least by their frequently used tactic of physically attacking anyone who has a different view. These far-Left groups are composed of old fashioned, unstable people who are very much willing to take out their rage on innocent people.

Admittedly, these groups have no support from ordinary, White British people, but they still have significant media influence.

Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism are almost entirely made up of immigrants, Islamists, Black Nationalists and a few White far-Left oddballs, yet they make out as if they speak for the majority. By doing this, they are attempting to aggressively dominate the political narrative and completely disempower/marginalize the ordinary people of this country.

We at English Attitude believe that we no longer have democracy. Majority wishes – such as the publics desire for British people to be put first, and for all immigration to end – are not heard. And far-Left violence/interference is extremely common. If we are to have a true democracy, then we must hear ALL views. The BNP, EDL etc etc must be allowed the same rights any other political party/organisation enjoys.

Democracy means that different ideas are put forward, and the people then decide which ideology they wish to elevate to power. But as long as Lefists like Ken Livingston, anti-White Black Nationalist MP’s like Diane Abbott, and high profile foreign Islamists like HuffPo’s Mehdi Hasan are allowed to dictate Britain’s political/cultural discourse, we will never have democracy. Worse still, the White British people will fall further and further down the political, cultural and racial foodchain until we are an oppressed minority group in our own country. Imagine that for a moment. That’s the dark future we face. Not in 200 years or a 1000 years, but in this century, and in our lifetimes…..