AUSTERITY Caused By Immigration


You and your family are badly suffering right now due to austerity.

Millions upon millions of English men, women and children are living in misery and pain because immigration, immigrants and Muslims cost us 10’s upon 10’s of billions of pounds every year.


It was discovered recently that Muslims alone cost England £12 billion a year in benefits. You can imagine the total if all immigrants were included in that….

And then there’s the staggering £50 million A DAY we give to the shit EU, and the £12 billion our demented government sends to African/Islamist nations via foreign aid.

Immigration, and multiculturalism, combined with our old, crusty Leftie establishment has ensured that your lives, and your childrens lives, will be dark, poor, dangerous and full of misery.

Who Are The REAL Extremists?


Tonight, we ask: who are the REAL extremists?

And when you contemplate this matter logically, the answer comes.

The extremists are not those whom now find themselves quite literally fighting for the survival of their nations, their race, their culture and their childrens futures. No, the extremists, my friends, are the ones who allowed this situation to happen.

These extremists, for whatever reason, took it upon themselves to go against the wishes of an entire nation and initiate the ideology of mass immigration – and consequently, multiculturalism. These two foreign initiatives went on to destroy England in every conceivable way: financially, culturally and racially.

And now, here we stand:

* Our capital city literally a non-English majority.

*Our economy devastated by the oppressively immense drain of ethnic minorities.

*Our nation not as one, but as seperate blocs.

*A traitorous, ultra-Liberal government in power (which exists only due to immigrants’ terminal undermining of our democracy).

*A future in which our children will be at the mercy of a foreign majority in their own country, thus inevitably placing them in a position of terrible, savage danger and depraved underprivilege.

That’s not just simply the work of extremists, its the work of monsters. And to call those fighting against it, ‘extremists’, is an absurdity so ludicrous it would be hilarious were its consequences not so hellish and devastating.

Immigration Destroying British Politics, Says Report


The report, published on the 14th of February, 2013, by the respected international resource organisation, Wiley Online Library, cites latest statistics and social patterns to explain how immigration has utterly destroyed the relationship between the English people and their government, institutions and the wider political system in general.


A particularly interesting part of the report states that, due to immigrations overwhelmingly destructive effect on our democracy and shared systems, the public are becoming dangerously angry, and increasingly (understandably) disattached. This is, inevitably, leading to more murders, violence and other criminalities taking place.

Its something I personally have known for a while. Our ultra-Liberal, pro-mass immigration, pro-multiculturalism politicians are so dangerously, insidiously out-of-touch, and so eyepoppingly unrepresentative of the native peoples interests, that the native people, understandably – and quite literally – just think: “F**k it. F**k it all!”.

Where once we, as British/English people, had shared loves, needs, wants and loyalties, we now, due to immigration, multiculturalism et al, have division, hatred, distrust, misery, poverty, clinical disillusionment and a future which heralds our land becoming immigrant majority; that being: a non-English majority.

We have come to hate the people in power, and our trust in them has been terminally broken.


In short, immigration has completely shattered England’s entire political, social and economic system. A system that has throughout history being one of the most successful, copied and sought after of all time.

As is now widely accepted: immigration has been the death of modern England. But, its not too late! We can still reclaim our nation.

I highly recommend reading the report in question. Its a little long winded etc, but still a must read. Click here.

Innocent, Young White English Girl Killed by Immigration and Multiculturalism


This sweet, innocent, young White English girl was stabbed by a black immigrant as she made her way home on the bus.

The girl, identified as Christina Edkins, aged just 16, was a much loved pupil, daughter and friend to many. Her goal was to become a nurse.


Due to Birmingham’s schools now being overwhelmingly immigrant based – and thus inferior, backwards and hostile – Christina’s parents sent to her to a better one around 10 miles away in the hope that it would give her a far better start in life.

It was whilst Christina was travelling home from school that the murder took place. She was just a lovely, polite girl sitting quietly, minding her own business. Yet, the black immigrant thought her deserving of a brutal death.

We at English Attitude suspect that the black immigrant – like many, many immigrants, and indeed many, many Muslims – holds aggressively anti-White views. This phenomenon – made acceptable by the far-Left – also includes jealously towards Whites, and an urge to sexually abuse/hurt/subvert attractive White females. And all this despite the fact that we are the most tolerant nation on the planet…..

The incident happened in the immigrant majority city of Birmingham.

The black immigrant walked up to her, then stabbed her in the chest so viciously that it tore her internal organs.

Christina’s mother and father are absolutely distraught. Her family and friends are in complete shock that anyone could do this to their precious, gentle girl.

The destructive ideologies of mass immigration and multiculturalism are not worth the life of this promising English sister, or any of the other countless White English lives they have already taken thus far.


Horrifically, this is the future we are giving our children if we allow England to become an immigrant majority nation — which it is indeed set to be within the next few decades if immigration and multiculturalism are not totally halted.