Mo Ansar: The Face of Islamism in England


We came across the chubby Islamist, Mohammed Ansar, around six months ago, and since then we (and all other sane people on Twitter) have been consistently repulsed by his constant attempts to destroy Freedom of Speech and increase Islam’s influence in English politics. What makes Mo notable, though, is the fact he is given ludicrous amounts of airtime on telly and radio to propogate his blatantly extremist, foreign agenda.

Strangely, but not unsurprisingly for such as him, Ansar tacitly makes out as if he’s a ‘moderate’, yet his views are basically the same as Anjem Choudary’s — the difference being that Mo is grotesquely aware of how best to present himself so as not to appear the anti-British extremist he is. And, with a degree in law, he is well versed in regards to the extensive complexities and loopholes that make up the easily abusable British legal system – an ability which he uses daily to attack anyone who questions him. To this end, he frequently contacts innocent people’s employers in order to get them sacked – merely for the fact they dared to oppose his Islamic extremism. Also aiding him in this sinister persuit is an almost equally sinister Muslim/far Left organisation called TellMamaUK. TellMamaUK is an org that skulks around looking for people criticising Islam. When they find them, they contact the persons employers and/or phone the police with the goal of destroying the unwitting man/womans life. As if this is not enough, they record every instance of free speech as an “Islamophobic/racist hate crime”. What makes all this so vile is the fact that the vast majority of death threats and violence towards freedom-loving people come from Muslims themselves….

All this, of course, is a common tactic for Islamists: to use any means to shut down any and all opposition in order to pave the way for Islamism to progress unopposed.

As for the screenshot above: it shows a Twitter user suggesting that Mo finds it frustrating that “The BBC allows Choudary to be the voice of Islam”, which in itself is an odd comment to make, but as you can see immediately below it, Ansar basically states that Choudary “Has a right to his view”. The problem is: Mo has for a while now been constantly attempting to ban the anti-Islamism group, the English Defence League. He has gone to great lengths to this end, even writing to MP’s and the Prime Minister himself, as well as creating an org soley dedicated to removing the EDL from society all together. Ansar says that the EDL is an “hate group” who do not deserve to speak freely. Yet, here he is defending Anjem Choudary’s right to have his Freedom of Speech. Bear in mind that the EDL – despite their rugged edges – are a patriotic British group who have never hurt or killed anyone, and Choudary/MAC are part of an Islamic extremist group who despise Britain and the British people, and who have been actively involved in Islamic terrorist plots on British soil.

Also worth mentioning is that Ansar has recently been propogating the incredibly repulsive suggestion that Muslims discovered America before Christopher Colombus. Worse still: he has met with school chiefs to demand that they include this, and other disgusting Islamic extremist rewritings of history, in the national curriculum…..

We at English Attitude think something is very, very wrong when an extremist like Mo Ansar is frequently given a platform to further Islamism and decieve the masses.

ALERT: 78% of all Muslims in England Oppose Freedom of Speech

The Left-wing news presenter, Jon Snow, discovers that a staggering 78% of all Muslims in England are completely opposed to Freedom of Speech.

Muslims have only been in England for around 60 years or so, yet they are already having an incredibly negative effect on the nation….

With this in mind, future violence and unrest is unavoidable as the Muslim population increasingly eats away at our hard-won freedoms and reacts murderously to every and all criticisms of Islamism by the freedom-loving British people.