UKIP Place Second In Eastleigh By-Election


Right-of-centre party, UKIP, have placed second in the – apparently very important – Eastleigh by-election. See here for the Daily Mail story.

The result is yet another indication that nationalism is on the rise in England. Though one would struggle to call UKIP a real nationalistic party in the actual sense of the word, it still is by far the best choice betweem them, the Left wing Liberal Democrats, the Leftist Labour and the Liberal Conservative party. We say ‘Liberal Conservative party’ because the only issue they ARE conservative on is the matter of public service cuts — which we at English Attitude are completely opposed to.

The winners, the anti-England Liberal Democrats, are jubilant after an otherwise crap year in which the public have very much rejected their weak, anti-England idelogy.

In any case, with UKIP’s good showing in mind, it seems the English people are slowly – VERY slowly – but surely, reconnecting with the political process.