Paul Weston States The Stark Reality (Video)

Paul Weston, leader of LibertyGB, the Liberal Nationalist/patriot party, ferociously, quietly and articulately outlines the absolutely astonishing present political situation in England/Britain.

He starkly points out the colossal financial, cultural and racial destruction multiculturalism and immigration has wrought upon us, and hammers home the fact that, as it stands, we White-English will be a servile minority in our own nation by 2050-60, and increasingly thereafter.

As Paul says: in 2050-60 (and increasingly onwards), we will literally be faced with a young, violent, angry, foreign, immigrant majority.

And, his words confirm what I myself point out often: that the immense financial drain of multiculturalism, mass immigration et al have directly brought austerity upon the native people. Which essentially means we’re paying for our own horrific decimation and future, physical submission to Muslims, blacks and other non-natives.

Paul also touches on the truly sinister Leftist forces that inexplicably continue to aggressively enforce our ongoing destruction.

Not least, Paul reiterates the blatant Islamic/multicultural savagery of the Woolwich attack, and the exponentially growing, all-pervasive, mortal/existential threat that Islam itself is to us and all free nations.

George Orwell Knew The Score


And indeed we have, as a nation – and civilisation – drifted far from the truths of current matters due to the odd, oppressive ideology of Political Correctness, and the ever-present culture of intimidation/threats from the Muslim community as an whole towards the host nation.

Due to the far-Left claiming the Centre of politics as their own, they have given permission to immigrants, Muslims and the far-Left themselves to despise anybody who speaks against their shitty, anti-White, anti-England views. And, as is standard for the Leftist freaks and the Islamists: the hatred is of a literally murderous nature.

BUT, as we are seeing at this moment: things are changing. The Left are becoming hopelessly irrelevant and outmoded. The far-Left are increasingly looking embarrassingly out of date, mentally unstable, weird and rather creepy.

In short, the people are rising 😉

AUSTERITY Caused By Immigration


You and your family are badly suffering right now due to austerity.

Millions upon millions of English men, women and children are living in misery and pain because immigration, immigrants and Muslims cost us 10’s upon 10’s of billions of pounds every year.


It was discovered recently that Muslims alone cost England £12 billion a year in benefits. You can imagine the total if all immigrants were included in that….

And then there’s the staggering £50 million A DAY we give to the shit EU, and the £12 billion our demented government sends to African/Islamist nations via foreign aid.

Immigration, and multiculturalism, combined with our old, crusty Leftie establishment has ensured that your lives, and your childrens lives, will be dark, poor, dangerous and full of misery.

Muslims Admit Mission To Murder Members Of EDL (English Defence League)


This image shows a group of ‘British’ Muslims searching for members of the EDL. In their car, parked nearby, were automatic machine guns, bombs and other weapons.

They were going to slaughter members of the anti-Islamist group – essentially average English men, women and children – in cold blood, in broad daylight.

Their weapons included butchers knives, blades, machetes, grenades, machine guns, bullets, bombs and cartridges.

The EDL may be a tad crude sometimes – and we personally don’t like the football element, pub culture and the idea of having leaders etc etc – but they are a patriotic, native English group protesting against the gravest, most urgent threat of our lives: Islamism. And, they should NOT have to fear for their lives just to express themselves. Indeed, in a democratic nation, they shouldn’t have to worry about ANY intimidation, threats or danger whatsoever. But, of course, we no longer live in a democracy – and we no longer live in a civilised England, or world.

Whether you support them or not, consider this: If those Muslims had managed to carry this out (they were stopped only by sheer luck), we’d have seen English men, women and children laying in pieces on the streets, with flags of St George spattered with blood, bone, veins and brain matter.

The loony, backwards, unstable, violent, far-Left hate-groups (UAF, Hope Not Hate, etc) and the many, many Muslim groups in our country have successfully dehumanised the EDL amongst themselves; essentially whipping each other up into a mucky, murderous, impotent foam, but one that wil have very real consequences. Dehumanising the enemy was a Nazi tactic. Dehumanising the enemy – reducing them to less than human; as dirty, hate-filled, murderous, grotesque animals – is always a precursor to genocide and slaughter.

Muslims and the far-Left literally believe that English/British anti-Islamism patriots must be attacked – and in many cases – murdered

Far-Left/Islamist-compromised papers, like the Guardian, passively facilitate this sentiment. So does the government, indirectly, by not clearly stating that any political violence by Muslims will be met with absolute ferocity.

The youngish Muslims in our nation feel pure foreign hatred towards White England, and since they’re not (YET) large enough in numbers to carry out violence/terrorism against the general population, they’re directing it towards the EDL et al.

You can tell its going to end well, can’t you.