Immigration Destroying British Politics, Says Report


The report, published on the 14th of February, 2013, by the respected international resource organisation, Wiley Online Library, cites latest statistics and social patterns to explain how immigration has utterly destroyed the relationship between the English people and their government, institutions and the wider political system in general.


A particularly interesting part of the report states that, due to immigrations overwhelmingly destructive effect on our democracy and shared systems, the public are becoming dangerously angry, and increasingly (understandably) disattached. This is, inevitably, leading to more murders, violence and other criminalities taking place.

Its something I personally have known for a while. Our ultra-Liberal, pro-mass immigration, pro-multiculturalism politicians are so dangerously, insidiously out-of-touch, and so eyepoppingly unrepresentative of the native peoples interests, that the native people, understandably – and quite literally – just think: “F**k it. F**k it all!”.

Where once we, as British/English people, had shared loves, needs, wants and loyalties, we now, due to immigration, multiculturalism et al, have division, hatred, distrust, misery, poverty, clinical disillusionment and a future which heralds our land becoming immigrant majority; that being: a non-English majority.

We have come to hate the people in power, and our trust in them has been terminally broken.


In short, immigration has completely shattered England’s entire political, social and economic system. A system that has throughout history being one of the most successful, copied and sought after of all time.

As is now widely accepted: immigration has been the death of modern England. But, its not too late! We can still reclaim our nation.

I highly recommend reading the report in question. Its a little long winded etc, but still a must read. Click here.