Margaret Thatcher Has Died


Today, Margaret Thatcher died peacefully of an heart attack in her home. Now, we know that Mrs Thatcher was a very decisive figure, and we know that certain areas of England suffered badly under her government, but she is still an important part of our history, and she was a strong British patriot.

Yes. She was rigid, ultra-conservative and lacking in sympathy for the working class, at times; but, if we look at the bigger picture, she was a stronger British leader than all the governments who came after put together – by FAR.


You can be certain that she would not have allowed the destructive ideologies of multiculturalism and mass immigration to begin. In fact, her views were almost certainly identical to the great Enoch Powell’s in this regard.

Predictably, far-Left Dinosaurs, many Muslims and the like have took to social media to show their joy for her death. Some saying: “HaHa! The slag Maggot Thatcher is dead! Ding dong the witch is dead!” and so on and so forth.

So, we know this woman had her faults, but Margaret Thatcher was a strong British patriot, a true Brit, and an unmistakably immensely powerful force in our politics, in our history and in our heritage.