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George Orwell Knew The Score


And indeed we have, as a nation – and civilisation – drifted far from the truths of current matters due to the odd, oppressive ideology of Political Correctness, and the ever-present culture of intimidation/threats from the Muslim community as an whole towards the host nation.

Due to the far-Left claiming the Centre of politics as their own, they have given permission to immigrants, Muslims and the far-Left themselves to despise anybody who speaks against their shitty, anti-White, anti-England views. And, as is standard for the Leftist freaks and the Islamists: the hatred is of a literally murderous nature.

BUT, as we are seeing at this moment: things are changing. The Left are becoming hopelessly irrelevant and outmoded. The far-Left are increasingly looking embarrassingly out of date, mentally unstable, weird and rather creepy.

In short, the people are rising 😉

AUSTERITY Caused By Immigration


You and your family are badly suffering right now due to austerity.

Millions upon millions of English men, women and children are living in misery and pain because immigration, immigrants and Muslims cost us 10’s upon 10’s of billions of pounds every year.


It was discovered recently that Muslims alone cost England £12 billion a year in benefits. You can imagine the total if all immigrants were included in that….

And then there’s the staggering £50 million A DAY we give to the shit EU, and the £12 billion our demented government sends to African/Islamist nations via foreign aid.

Immigration, and multiculturalism, combined with our old, crusty Leftie establishment has ensured that your lives, and your childrens lives, will be dark, poor, dangerous and full of misery.