Falkland Islands Affirm British Identity


The Falkland Islands are becoming an increasingly controversial subject again, of late. The Argentinian president is once again aggressively stating that the Islands should be under Argentine control, and some kind of military action taking place is becoming ever more likely.

This new-found confidence of the enemies of our country is due to England’s horrific decline in regards to power and inluence on the international stage. It wasn’t so long ago that our tiny nation ruled almost two thirds of the globe – basically building modern civilisation along the way – such was our strength and intelligence as a people. But then World War 1 and 2 came along, which though beautifully won, absolutely decimated England. We lost millions of young men, and afterwards, in our weakened state, our empire. But, we were still a White, Nationalist nation (by todays standards). Thus, our people still shared common values, identity, culture, loves and desires. We were safe. We were set to rebuild ourselves. We had each other; and, we still were one of the greatest nations on the planet.

But then something terrible happened. Something that would destroy our people, our prosperity, our happiness, our way of life and our future. What began were the two most backwards, destructive ideologies the world has ever known: multiculturalism and mass immigration. We will go into this in more detail in future articles, but needless to say, multiculturalism and mass immigration proceeded to shatter our nation; bringing hatred, death, violence, division, anger, inferior cultures, poverty and misery to England and its people. This is the reason our country has become so weak, poor and impotent.

But back to the Falkland Islands: after a vote to decide whether they wish to remain British, or hand their sovereignty to Argentina, the Islanders voted to stay British – by a massive majority. In fact, only three people voted against.

We at English Attitude believe that ALL force should be employed against the weak Argentine if they dare to continue threatening British territory.